PROBIOTICS – A Quick Recovery From Stomach Flu

Healing from Stomach Flu – Part II

Why Probiotics?

Simply put: they work! Probiotics help fend off the stomach flu, aka stomach bug,aka gastroenteritis!

As most everyone on the planet, I have dealt with gastroenteritis way too many times without conventional or common treatments working at all.

Being too sick to get out of bed and not able to eat anything is impossible when you have toddlers at home. You need it gone and done!

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Three Things Your Body Needs to Heal

After much research, I found that your gut needs three things to heal quickly: rest, fluids, and probiotics.  With these tools, your body can heal itself.  I was up and going in a few hours.

As we mentioned in a previous post, getting fluids restored to our bodies is essential.  I hydrated with alkaline water in small sips so as not to provoke any nausea.   Chamomile or ginger teas both are excellent to calm down the cramping and bloating.  Also, no food for a few hours and then eat easily digestible foods which DO NOT include bread, sugar or citrus fruits.  (More on this in a future post)

Then, I took probiotics to get rid of the bad guys and their byproducts!  With any infection the gut gets ‘cleaned out’ of the good guys.  The effective way to get your system back in balance and restore your gut flora and keep parasites and viruses in check is to restore your good bacteria.

Which probiotics work?

There has been much debate on whether probiotics really do work and which ones are worth the bucks.  Which ones do you buy the $9.99 unrefrigerated store brand or the $45.00 bottle in the fridge section?

A good rule of thumb is at least get the ones that are kept in the fridge section of the store.  Any live-foods you buy, usually need refrigeration, right? These are live bacteria, so they probably need it too.  They also need to have large enough numbers of bacteria to make a noticeable difference in the gut.

Numbers & Strains Matter

According to DR. J.E. WILLIAMS, OMD, FAAIM, you need on average, at least 5 billion active organisms. “However, if your gut has low of good gut flora (determined by stool testing), you need more – at least 25 billion, twice daily.” When starting a good probiotic, start in small doses so that your body has time to get used to it.

Also, look at the labels to see how many different strains the probiotic carries.  Different strains have different purposes and some help the gut, some help the skin, some help recover from the flu.  In fact, according to microbiologist Gregory Reid, for the flu, you need the strain called: S. cerevisiae boulardii. In studies, it shows helping cure intestinal infections or at least shorten their duration.

The brand we found works great carries 30+ different strains of probiotics and around 85 billion colony-forming units (CFUs) per serving. The company guarantees the bottles are refrigerated from their warehouse to the store (of course you hope the store follows their guidelines to refrigerate immediately).  These probiotics are made from all natural, organic sources:  organic mild from pasture-fed cows, cultured organic whole foods.  There are gluten free probiotics!

Garden of Life Raw Probiotics, Kids, 3.4-Ounce

Garden of Life HSO Probiotic Formula, Primal Defense, 81 g

Find it here: Garden of Life Raw Probiotics

Another great source of probiotics is fermented foods.  (More in upcoming posts)

Probiotic Quick Checklist 

  • At least 5 different strains
  • Refrigerated
  • At minimum 5 billion CFUs; best 25 billion CFUs
  • Made from raw, organic, whole foods.


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