Miley’s Loss is Their Gain

A letter to Miley and every young woman with big dreams.

Dear Miley,

As Hannah Montana’s time came to an end, I had great hopes for you.

Hope that you would be unique like a diamond found in the midst of ordinary stones.  Hope that you would be a beauty that neither Hollywood nor fame or money could taint.  

I hoped you be the one that would know her value and true worth; a talent that didn’t have to copy anyone else because she had nothing to proof.  A classic beauty with a voice so beautiful that doesn’t need accolades. 

And hoped you’d be the one that didn’t need to pose on the cover of a nude magazine because you can be sexy without revealing anything; one that would grow in beauty and class as she came of age.

But hope has turned into shock.


Who deceived you Miley?  Who said you were not enough?  

Who set you up to betray yourself for an image?

You believe you are ruthless and defiant yet you have fallen into the hands of thieves.

Craftily, they fitted you into their mold.  They turned you into spectacle of yet another starlet that helps their ratings at the cost of herself. 

With a rebellious pose, you uncover your body for an exploitative magazine.  Then, with a defiant sneer on your face, you claim your pin up as your trophy.  You think it proves you are now a woman, definitely, not a ‘good girl’.  Yet you have just been robbed.  You lay uncovered from lustful eyes.

Who deceived you into believing you needed to strip off boundaries that protected you?

Those that lied to you are profiting from you.  Your loss is their gain.

Let them not deceive you any longer. You are not free. You are still doing as you’ve been told. And you are making them richer along the ride. 

Maybe in time, you will look back and say, it is this time of pain, drugs, rage and rebellion that I need to put behind and not my childhood memories.  I only hope that you would do so quickly. Quickly, before your body, mind and will become enslaved to someone else’s will: whoever owns the substance that possesses you.

Maybe in time, you will recognize that thousands of girls and young women that adore you may have been deceived with you.  As they follow you, they might be lured into an industry that exploits them with seductive poses and nude photo shoots.  They will be told that they can become famous just as Miley was.


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