Love some sleep? Do this!

The secret for a good night’s sleep.

The worst torture is laying completely exhausted in bed yet unable to sleep.  The minutes tick by slowly and you know that tomorrow you will be a zombie without some rest.

Here are some helpful and well proven secrets to get a good night sleep.

  • Hydrate thru the day
  • Don’t eat right before bed
  • Skip that dinner dessert
  • Relax before bed
  • Prepare your bedroom for a good night
  • Take the secret supplement


If you drink plenty of water during the day, your body will have the fuel needed to process all the stress of the day and properly absorb nutrients.  During the night, your body is designed to fast and rest.   If not, you might be getting up during the night thirsty and hot, as your body screams at you for some water.


Eating right before bed puts your body to work.  It needs to digest and process that heavy meal you fed it at eight o’clock at night.  Your body is on full alert mode.  Your tummy might feel bloated and you might not get the deep sleep you crave.

Eat at least two hours before bed.  Preferably three hours before bed time.


As you might be well aware of, sugar is not all that beneficial to our optimal health. However, it’s nice to have a little sweet here and there.  Cookies are my favorite!

Choosing the right time for dessert is essential.  Eat it during the day time so your body has the opportunity to burn the extra calories and you can effectively use the short lived ‘energy jolt’ that a bit of sugar might give you. Otherwise, at night it might keep you up for a bit.


Writting a long to do list right before bed is not the best idea.  Write it in the afternoon or right after dinner.  Thinking of all the tasks undone and all the projects to finish right before bed gets your stress levels up.  Stress causes cortisol to be dispersed into our bodies.  Cortisol has the opposite effect of melatonin: it wakes you up.

Instead, focus on things that relax you.  Put some soothing music on.  Take a relaxing bath or read a good book in bed to get you sleepy.  And as soon as you feel sleepy, turn the light off and go to sleep.


Your environment can either stress you or relax you.  If your bedroom floor has piles of clothes strung around, everytime you come into your bed to sleep is going to stress you.  It makes you think of all the things yet to do.  At the least, move your piles into another room.  It can wait there until you can tackle that project.

Have a soft light for bed time.  Harsh lightning wakes us up. That is what the sunlight is meant to do.  So at night, put soft lightning on as you prepare for bed.

Make sure you have it dark once you turn the lights off.  Residual lights from computers, cell phones, and even alarm clocks might disturb your sleep and keep you from deep rest.


As you probably have heard, taking melatonin before bed daily may help your body regulate and help you get sleepy.  Recently, some articles have question its effectiveness and safety.

I have used it in the past and found it both helpful and effective.  However, recently I have discovered a well known but unappreciated mineral that gets you right to sleep.  Any guesses?

Magnesium!  Yes, mangnesium has a ton of health benefits but one of those is that helps your muscles and your body relax, curtails the effects of cortisol and regulates hormones.  And in the end, that helps you get a relax sleep.

Recently, studies published related magnesium deficiency to insomnia, muscle cramps and even restless leg syndrome. And it is estimated that millions of americans may be suffering of these symptoms because of a deficiency of magnesium.

Taking magnesium I no longer get woken up by muscle spams.  Wohoo!!

Consult with a medical professional as to which dose is best for you and make sure you are not taking any medications that are contraindicated against magensium supplements. Be sure to consult a doctor before taking any magnesium if you have kidney problems or heart disesase.

Good night all!


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