Favorite Children’s Books

A book list of entertaining and fun books for toddlers and early readers.  Most of these are picture books.  All of the kids books listed have great illustrations paired with good stories.

What was your favorite childhood book?

We all have a favorite book from childhood.  The one we read over and over again and sometimes can quote by heart.

Here we list some of our favorite children’s books we found for toddlers and early readers.  Some of the picture books listed are oldies but goodies.

These childrens books have been tested (and some tasted) and tried by some of the toughest critics out there: children. We have listed them in no particular order.

Talk Baby by Harriet Ziefert

Although published in the late ’90s is great for families expecting another child.  Big brothers will be able to relate well to the character in the story.

Listed in Amazon, Talk, Baby!

Ready for Anything! by Keiko-Kasza

At home, we read a hot! We especially love this book. It has so many wonderful insights on how it is so much better to think good and happy thoughts vs. worrying about what could happen. Definitely, one of our favorites.

Listed in Amazon Ready for Anything!

Other favorite children’s books

Feel free to add your child’s favorite books to the list. Just remember these are early readers and toddlers book lists.

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